Contact Forms

The forms below allow you to provide the firm relevant information regarding your concerns and issues.  Once completed, the form is received by the firm, which will then contact you.  Please note that the information you provide will be confidential and received only by the firm and not provided to any other person.  We will use the information to evaluate whether we can assist you, and then we will contact you regarding your interest in representation by the firm.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT AND DO NOT REPRESENT YOU (NO ATTORNEY CLIENT RELATIONSHIP EXISTS) until you and the firm enter into a written fee agreement approved and signed by both the firm and the client.  At that point, you will be a firm client.

For persons with family law questions, the first form should be used.

For persons with estate planning questions, the second should be used.  This form allows you to provide specific information about your concerns and planning needs.  You may also contact us at 303 793 3400.