The Christian's Estate Plan


The earth in all of its fullness belongs to God. As Christians, He has entrusted property  to  us  as  His  caretakers,  trustees,  stewards.  We  are  charged  with a sacred trust. How we manage that trust during our lifetimes and distribute the trust assets at the time of death are important parts of our spiritual lifestyles.  Stewardship  is  not  simply  giving  a  percentage  of  our  income  to  the  church.
Stewardship  can  be  defined  as  "using  God-given  abilities,  to  manage  God-owned properties,  to  accomplish  God-ordained  results."  Therefore,  every financial decision  becomes  a  spiritual  decision,  including  the  distribution  of property at the time of death.

Estate  Planning  for  a  Christian  is  recognizing  that  our  responsibility  to  God does  not  end  just  because  we  are  no  longer  able  to  physically  manage  our material  possessions.  This  can  come  about  as the  result  of  either  physical  or mental incapacity or our physical death. This is why the most important aspect of  the  estate  design  process  for  a  Christian  is  seeking  God’s  plan  of
stewardship. It is His property; we are not owners but stewards.

But the Christian’s estate  plan cannot  be carried  out without  proper  planning.  Without an estate plan, if disability or death occurs our estate (really what God has entrusted to us) will be managed and distributed according to state law, and that does not take into consideration our Christian values or responsibilities.

We make regular presentations to Christians, suggesting that there is such a thing as "Christian Estate Planning", and offering ways that Christians can bring Biblical principles into all aspects of their planning.  Click here for a recent presentation.