A Christian Preamble to Your Will


Your  will  becomes  a  public  document  upon  your  death.   It  is  available  for
anyone  to  see.   You  can  go  right  now  to  the  probate  court  and  review  any
deceased person's will.  This fact provides you with an excellent opportunity to
make a public statement about your Faith.  

It was custom in the past for many Americans to begin their wills by involving the
mysteries of God and the reality of death.  An example from a will maker from 1652
in Maryland read as follows:

"In the name of God amen, I William Jones... being sick in body but In perfect
sence and form.... I give and bequeath my Soul unto God my Saviour and redeemer
and my body to the Earth from whence it came."

The  following  are  some  examples  of  what  you  might  want  to  state 
in  a
 Christian Preamble:

I  do  hereby  testify  that  I  am  a  Christian.  I  have  placed  all  my  hope  of  life
hereafter in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. His death and resurrection have given
my  life  meaning  and  make  my  death  a  peaceful  passage  to  eternal  life  in
heaven.  I want my  family and  friends to know that  for me to live was Christ,
and to die is gain.

Rejoice with me as  I  declare my completed  faith in  Jesus Christ my Savior.  I
am  totally  convinced  by  faith  that  after  this  life  of  joys  and  sorrow,
accomplishments      and failures, I will live eternally in heaven. This is possible
not because I have earned or deserved it, but because Jesus died in my place. I
now live with him.

I want all who  read this to know that there is absolutely no doubt in my mind
that upon death I will enter heaven. I will do so, not by my own worthiness, but
only through the merits of Jesus Christ, my Savior, who paid the price for my
soul’s redemption through his death on the cross. For me to live was Christ, and
to  die  is  gain.  I  commend  my  loved ones  into  the  hands  of  the  Lord  and
encourage them to place their faith and trust in him alone for their salvation.

I want all who read this to know that Jesus Christ is my Savior. I have no doubt
about my being saved by him or my being in heaven. I ask my children, whom I
love,  never to  forget the instructions Christ  has  given  to  us,  "Go  into  all  the
world and preach the gospel to every nation." Share God’s Word with everyone
at home and abroad. May God grant you peace, love, and strength as he guides
you through this life. Then at the end of time, we  will be reunited in heaven as
a happy family.

I  commit myself to  God’s  care,  secure in  his love  for  me  and trusting in the
salvation purchased  for me through Christ’s suffering and death.  I leave those
who survive me the comfort of knowing that I have died in this faith and have
now  joined  my  Lord  in  eternal  glory.  I  commend  my  loved  ones  to  the
protecting  arms  of  God,  knowing  that  he  will  continue  to  provide  for  them
despite my absence; and I encourage them to place their faith and trust in      him
alone.I want all who read this to know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and that there is
absolutely  no  doubt  in  my  mind  that  upon  death  I  will  enter  into  heaven.  I
will do  so, not by my  own worthiness, but through the merits of Jesus Christ,
our Savior, and his death on the cross.

I  ask  my  children,  whom  I  have  loved  so  dearly  to  share  God’s  word  with
everyone and to always remember how much you were loved. I commend you
to the precious arms of God, knowing He will provide for you and I encourage
you to place your faith in him alone, and never trust the world for your comfort.
I look  forward to  seeing  you all again in  our life  hereafter, where we will all
live with our Lord and Savior.