Firm History


Many of Colorado’s leading attorneys have passed through our doors.  

DR’s practice is built on a solid foundation of legal excellence, moral aptitude, and commitment to our
clients, and our continued growth comes with the increasing delight of friendships and associations.   
Individuals like Arch Decker (deceased), former President Pro-Tem of the Colorado Senate; Chuck King, Dean Emeritus of the School of Business at Colorado Christian University; David Schlachter, former Vice President and Director of the Institute for Christian Conciliation with
PeaceMaker Ministries and currently partner in Crossroads Resolution Group; and Lew Dymond, former CEO of WealthCounsel, all continue to positively
impact our practice.  

In 2008 upon the retirement of Dick Peterson, the firm was renamed Dymond • Reagor • Colville, LLP.  In 2016, the firm was rechristened Dymond • Reagor, PLLC.  We continue to build on strong foundations, 
expectations of excellence and solid framework  of our principles and relationships.  

State of the Art Technology

DR uses state-of-the-art technology to practice law at the highest level to provide our clients the best
available legal services.  In 2008, DR became a "green or paperless"office, one of the first in
Colorado, allowing us to significantly improve our delivery of services, document retention and information technology
practices. Our technical resources enable us to access remote databases and to communicate instantaneously
among ourselves and with clients, other law firms, expert witnesses, and courts.  DR uses sophisticated demonstration
and digital document technology to assist clients in comprehending complex estate planning techniques.  ClientDocx, our
web-based document retention and access software, allows our clients a secure, online "vault" to store and manage
private documents and information.  

DR's litigators make extensive use of current technology to evaluate cases and prepare for trial and alternative dispute
resolution, including tablet technology, related software such as OneNote, PDF Annotator, Adobe
Acrobat, case analysis software, state of the art presentation technology, and other mobile technology solutions.

Our Commitment

DR practices law at the highest professional level. We strive to provide exceptional legal services to our clients.  Our goal
has been -- and remains -- to be the best, to "do right by our clients."  At the same time, we recognize that the costs of high
quality legal representation can be prohibitive and we are receptive to innovative fee arrangements.  We are committed to
achieving successful results for our clients by providing a broad range of legal services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

DRC.  Doing right by our clients.