Insurance Defense

Our insurance defense practice is a recognized leader of the insurance defense community
as we have successfully represented numerous insurance companies and their policyholders
throughout Colorado.  Our practice stems across commercial general liability, business
coverage, homeowner's, automobile  and special liability policies.  We are proud of our ethical
representation and the contributions we have made to Colorado’s communities.

Insurance Coverage

DR’s insurance coverage practice is likewise known throughout Colorado.  We use our unique
experience to reasonably evaluate bad faith issues and to vigorously pursue claims where
appropriate.  Over the last several years this practice has focused on obtaining insurance
coverage for policyholders under business, commercial general liability, health, automobile and
environmental policies.  We have successfully obtained thousands of dollars of coverage in
settlements and verdicts for our clients.  Our success is rooted in our attorneys who know how
and when to negotiate, mediate, arbitrate and litigate.  DR attorneys develop a specific
understanding of our clients' business and insurance concerns and needs.  Our goal is cost-effective 
representation that effects the maximum recovery for our clients.

Insurance Related Services

In addition to representing clients in coverage disputes, we advise many of our clients
regarding the adequacy of their coverage and their specific insurance needs based on
existing risks.  This valuable service permits our clients to effectively plan for their insurance
need.  An important part of our representation is the development of strategies to maximize
coverage and policy benefits.  In cases involving multiple parties, policies and insurers, often a
complete and insightful analysis is a key to maximizing coverage.  In addition, we have
developed negotiation methods that maximize coverage.

Mediation and Arbitration

We are experienced mediators and arbitrators.  Since many first party coverage disputes
involve policies with mandatory arbitration clauses, our experience in arbitration is a
valuable component of our representation.