We are glad to provide speakers and presentations on a variety of Estate Planning and Charitable Planning Topics. If you desire to have us prepare and present a presentation
for your group please contact us.

Long-term care insurance considerations
This presentation discusses long-term care insurance ("LTCA") the issues that policyholders should consider in purchasing or continuing LTCA.

Christian Estate Planning?
This seminar was conducted in 2018.  It includes a discussion of estate planning from a Biblical perspective.  It asks (and seeks to answer) the question, how should a Christian think about and pursue Christian estate planning. 

The Trust Administration Workshop

This is a presentation we periodically present to our current clients explaining what isinvolved in administration of a Living Revocable Trust.  

Preserving the Larger Estate (Tax Magic Workshop)
This presentation is an introduction of a number of advanced estate planning techniques used to preserve the larger estate. It was originally designed for presentation to DE Frey's Association of Excellence in Vail, Colorado on March 8, 1999. We have since presented it for many clients and financial planners. 

Charitable Giving from the Donor's Perspective
This presentation is an introduction to charitable giving options and has been presented to numerous groups over the years.

Estate Planning Mistakes by Young Couples
This presentation discusses estate planning mistakes by young couples and solutions to avoid mistakes.